Libri d'autore in edizioni limitate: a2mani Books

The a2mani project is born around the concept of Artist's Book, a workshop that explores new forms of artistic production between the world of contemporary art in all its forms and the book object, in a collaborative relationship between artists of different disciplines : visual artists, poets, musicians, writers, videomakers, photographers.


-Two hands are better than one: a familiar adage that evokes concepts such as collaboration, harmony, synergy and sharing.

he choice of name for this collection was therefore natural, conceived from the collaboration between myself and other artists with whom I have had the opportunity to share projects and produce works with both hands.

Where artistic work is considered an expression of the spirit, it is by definition an individual and solitary process. Nevertheless, I believe that the search for a dialogue between the various artistic languages is a road that can lead to new forms of expression.

Poetry, visual art, music, through collaboration between artists, interact with each other in a novel and creative way.-


Cesare Reggiani

The a2mani atelier catalogue consists of artist's books, CDs and multiple limited edition products, all of which have been designed and handcrafted.

We have paid great attention to the creation, the choice of materials, the quality of the printing and the packaging.

The quality of creation and the very limited edition of the production make our works collectibles.


Artists' Books


Artists' Books conceived as artworks for exhibitions, installations, created in very limited edition to accompany or contain an original artwork inside them.

Each copy is numbered and signed by the author.



Cahiers of illustrated poetry.

Produced in only 100 copies, they are attached to a folder containing the reproduction of one of the images printed on valuable artistic paper, numbered and signed.



An editorial project that includes different works, not classifiable according to the usual editorial practices.


Set to Music

Books / CD of poetry put into music and illustrated.

An original format designed for musical albums, with an illustrated book with texts, lyrics, images, illustrations.



Notebooks or books of illustrated poetry, humor, illustration. A way to get closer to our production for the first time.