Alessandra Bonoli

Alessandra Bonoli

Alessandra Bonoli was born in 1956 in Faenza (Italy), where she lives and works. In 1979 she graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Since 1980, she's been combining painting and sculpture into a single expressive language. "I consider sculpture as a space, a place to enter, a mathematical area where it is possible to live. Mathematical since based on a precise balance of weights and measures. Essential, but not minimalist structures. In my view, essentiality is a rediscovery of the original, archetypal shape, full of symbolic energy.

Cesare Reggiani

Cesare Reggiani  is an author of a versatile personality: he started off at the end of the 70s’ as a comic artist.

The latest  and the most appreciated album was born at the beginning of the 80s’: ”Le Dieci Esperienze di Orino Vientellio”.

His interest for the evocative and communicative strength of the single image takes the author to assert himself in the field of the editorial illustration and the communication. In this activity he has cooperated with the most important Italian and foreign publishers.

Franco Bertoni

Franco Bertoni

Franco Bertoni si è laureato nel 1977 alla Facoltà di Architettura dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze. Negli anni universitari e fino alla fine degli anni Settanta ha tenuto seminari sull'architettura neoclassica e sull'architettura e le arti a Vienna nel XX secolo alla Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze. Ha affiancato alla libera professione una attività di ricerca storica e di critica i cui principali interessi sono: l'architettura neoclassica, l'arte e la ceramica del Novecento italiano ed europeo, il Minimalismo e l'architettura moderna.



Nedo Merendi

Nedo Merendi was born in Faenza in 1957.

In the same town he took his diploma at the Public Art Institute for Ceramics  under the guide of Carlo Zauli, Augusto Betti, Alfonso Leoni e Gianna Boschi.

Most of all, this last one influenced his following work, mainteining a relation with the local tradition of the majolica object and the most cultured figurative decoration.

In 1980 he graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Ravenna with the painter Umberto Folli, pupil of Giorgio Morandi.

Paolo Giovannini


Paolo Melandri

Paolo Melandri

Paolo Melandri was born in Faenza in 1974; he graduated in classical philology under the guidance of Italo Mariotti with a thesis on the Latin poet Ennius and on his survie in modern literature. He has published numerous articles devoted to intertextual relationships between recent and ancient authors, with a predilection for Petrarca, Pascoli and D’Annunzio; he collaborates with some of the most important Italian philology and literature magazines, including «Rivista pascoliana», «Studi e problemi di critica testuale», «Maia», «Il lettore di provincia», «Rassegna dannunziana», etc.