Pier Paolo Giovannini

Pier Paolo Giovannini was born in Rimini, player of guitar and related instruments: dobro, mandolin, steel guitar etc.

Graduated in Discipline of the Arts Music and Performing Arts (Dams) with Roberto Leidi with a thesis on popular singing, he has designed and conducted music projects for the AUSL of Ravenna for years based on singing and group music for therapeutic purposes aimed at psychiatric patients.

He also works alongside this activity as a guitar teacher.

He learned to play the guitar in the middle school period, when with some companions he formed a progressive rock band, Le Meteore, which in a short time gained a good reputation by acting as a supporting band to important Italian artists: Mia Martini, Renato Zero, Franco Battiato and participating in the great musical gatherings of the period such as in Rome the Rock Festival of Villa Borghese.

He began his career as a professional musician in the early 1980s, accompanying singers and musical groups in Italy and abroad.

The Defajence and HistriX projects were born from the collaboration with the artist Cesare Reggiani.