Enrico Minguzzi


14,00 €

Enrico Minguzzi


Album with 22 color artworks
made with iPad.
Introduction by Franco Bertoni.
40 pages
Size: 29.7x21 cm.


Language: Italian


Edition: 200 copies.


Most of Minguzzi's works presented here were made with the digital technique that, today, is available to everyone between mobile phones, iPads, tablets, computers, the most disparate electronic systems and so on. David Hockney has already been a master of use.

(...) Between the real and the virtual, the boundaries seem to elude themselves today (on the computer screen there is a world that does not exist but which we perceive as real) but it should be remembered how this new form of representation remains a possibility and a transmission of contents that remain paternity of the homo analogicus. We are faced again with the result of an encounter between art and science and a contemporary way of investigating and exploring the thousand faces of a reality as fascinating as it is elusive. (...)
Franco Bertoni