Giovanni Pini

Terre naturali e bruciate di Romagna

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Giovanni Pini

Terre naturali e bruciate

di Romagna


An illustrated album of 25 paintings and collages.
40 color pages
Texts by Franco Bertoni
Format: 21x29.7 cm. closed.
Packaging: Paperback


Language: Italian


Edition: 200 copies




Pini is certainly an out-dated artist, banal to define him as a poet without precise time, and his subjects are certainly not part of the illustrative set of contemporaneity. However great is the impact caused by his works in which a programmatic thematic reduction opens the vision to infinite and illuminating variations. His landscapes are like musical parties based more on color than on the sign: backgrounds that overlap or flank to hint at a reality cleaned up by visual noises and brought back to an almost abstract essence.

Avoiding the designated places, the contacts, the rites and even the compromises of the art world, Pini has dedicated himself to portraying the nearest, known and frequented places, adding, in works that do not know of contingent but of absolute, the many impressions received by repeatedly following the same road, the same path, the same bank. Slow travel times that seem to have favored the assimilation of an essence of things (whether they are the faded colors of a house in abandonment, a ghostly row of trees immersed in the fog or the gentle undulation of a hill on which the dark shadows are cast of clouds) distilled, rarefied, immune to old-fashioned verisms as well as contemporary attention (photographic and pictorial) to a minor, neglected and marginal landscape.

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