Eccentric: A Peacock in Dundee, Reg Jany
Reg Jany

A Peacock in Dundee

35,00 €

Reg Jany

A Peacock in Dundee

A book with 30 Limericks

with 30 illustrations in front.


Size: 23x20 cm.


66 full color pages.


1 CD with two musical movies.


Edition: 300 numbered copies.

Textile hard cover bind.

Language: English

- It has been years since I have been writing nonsense using the rhyme. In this book I have collected and illustrated them all using Indian ink.

I have chosen to make all my drawings away from my studio, partly in Paris, partly in an old farm house, using just a pencil, a pen, a small bottle of Indian ink and some sheets of paper.

Working concentrated on this silence of images and sounds other texts have come up to my mind....I think I will have to make another book sooner or later! –


Reg Jany

For an exhibition in USA David Smith translated the Italian rhymes in English.

So the author resolved to produce a full color version of the Indian ink drawings.

The nonsensical rhymes meter became very musical, so we asked the HistriX group to compose and arrange the music.

An amazing musical movie with the texts running under the images is recorded in a CD: a sort of nonsensical Karaoke for all ages!