Ferruccio Giromini

Indizi rilevanti

23,00 €

Ferruccio Giromini

Indizi rilevanti

The box contains:
-CD with a musical track
-A story by Ferruccio Giromini and an illustration by Cesare Reggiani laid out in nine cards in cardboard.
Carton and canvas case
Format: 13x13 cm.
Edition: 150 numbered copies.


"Significant clues": the title already suggests that this narration - filtered through the gaze of an unexpected, very curious and surprising witness - is based on progressive discoveries, in an enthralling process that presents itself almost as an aesthetic game and whose reader / viewer / listener ends up making an active protagonist.

In this way words, images and sounds become complementary clues to the reconstruction of a mysterious context that has left only a few traces of itself ...


A novel by Ferruccio Giromini illustrated by Cesare Reggiani. Musical soundtrack by HistriX.