Cesare Reggiani

Sul Danubio in bicicletta

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Cesare Reggiani

Sul Danubio in bicicletta

Album / Diary written and illustrated by the author.
115 illustrations in color and in duotone
11 Maps
130 pages.
Format: 16.5x24 cm.
Edition: 300 copies.


Language: Italian.




"The Danube by bicycle", published in the series Guide Turistiche Calderini in 1991, is the humorous cycling travel diary and an irresistible excursus in the world of the pedal that I wrote and illustrated after the adventurous journey (so to speak) that I undertook together with four friends in 1986.
I have now heard with amazement that the route, today the most famous cycling route in Europe, is thirty years old.
The surprise in discovering that our journey preceded by one year the inauguration of that splendid itinerary (1987) has filled me with pride and made to take back my old publication with the awareness of belonging to the lineage of the great explorers, those who first they set foot in an unexplored territory and opened the way for generations to come.

It is amazing the evolution that the world of cycling has had in recent years, so much so that, in rereading the book after a long time, I realized that the cycling world of those years was closer to the nineteenth century (I was spontaneous mention the hilarious "Three Men on the Bummel" by Jerome K. Jerome) that to that of today.
This is why we decided to republish the original edition of thirty years ago without changing a comma even in the description of the itinerary to suggest to those who read to tackle that journey in a more empirical and adventurous.
C. R.