Paolo Melandri

Concerto breve

45,00 €

Paolo Melandri

Concerto breve

A Cahier of 12 poems.

Texts in Italian.

8 Illustrations

by Cesare Reggiani.

28 pages.

Size: 23 x 16 cm. closed.

1 full size illustration on 300 gr.

Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton board.

Numbered and signed.

Size: 30 x 30 cm.

A hard cover bind folder.

Size: 30 x 30 cm.

The Cahier is inside a postal envelope.


Edition: 100 numbered copies.

Springs, at times, but mostly Autumns of parks, among centuries-old trees, paths where gravel crunches underfoot, maples, yew trees and alders, several common and humble benches, visited by the shadows and by the dance of the Sun on the leaves. These poems of Melandri, a young Italian poet who has developed a stylistic maturity, constitute a compact and refined collection, skilled at grasping the integrity and freshness of the human experience in just a few classic and creative structures. "Art is nothing but a simple reflection of life", the author points out, and, reading the notes of this brief concert, designed in a chamber style vein for an intimate meeting of those who enjoy dialogue, we would have to agree. A small step in the great development of the Italian and European narrative poetry. A domestic book rich in enchantments, phonic and visual, thanks also to the extensive and perceptive collaboration of Reggiani. A positive immersion and sharing of feelings and sensations.