HistriX - Massimo Montevecchi, Demons illustrazioni Cesare Reggiani
Massimo Montevecchi & HistriX


30,00 €

HistriX - Massimo Montevecchi


A full color 56 pages album with paintings, photos, texts and lyrics in English.


14 full color double page illustrations.


Size: 21 x 21 cm.


A 14 tracks musical CD.


Hard cover bind with a full colour printed cover.

Total size: 23x23 cm.


Texts and lyrics in English.


Edition: 300 numbered copies.


“Demons” is the second album by HistriX based on poetic texts.

Massimo Montevecchi, poet, writer and translator wrote these lyrics in English.


The long sharing friendship between the artists has been the basis of this work.


A two years long work, with discussion, reflections, thoughts.


At the same time Cesare Reggiani realized the fourteen artworks illustrating the lyrics.



01-I drank with you

02-The intolerable

03-My friend



06-What are they doing here




10-What use is tomorrow


12-Images and words

13-Let the atomic light turns off

14-I know (what I am)

(...) My book is a book of poems translated into music, poems and music focused on the sense of loneliness and helplessness in front of the vacuum, the useless, the redundant, but also on the wonder that life is still able to give us, even if the poignant guitar of Living instills in our veins the thrill of that butterfly burning near the lamp. And it is also a book of lyrics and music on the many emotions that life imposes on us, helplessness, disbelief, yearning, but also of hatred and destructive impulses. Whole denial and pessimism, then? Not at all, the guitar openings, the voice warm tones, rhythmic, never plaintive and sometimes indeed almost prophetic, tell us of the demons that accompany life and with whom you have to live (in the desert you have to get into it). Hovewer, the guitar that 

explodes suddenly and tries to grab the secret heart of the text , the one that escapes rational and critical analysis, resonates, it is appropriate to say, of the Nietzsche’s yes to life.(...)


Massimo Montevecchi