HistriX: Inside The Labyrinth

Inside The Labyrinth

25,00 €


Inside the Labyrinth

A 26 pages album with, photos, texts in English.

Size: 21 x 21 cm.

A CD with 8 instrumental soundtracks.

Hard cover bind

Edition: 200 numbered copies.

Inside the Labyrinth is a compilation of instrumental sountracks composed by HistriX for various artistic events.


Daimon               4:24

Ogni sabato        4:31

Loch Ness          4:34

Himalaya            4:46

Sahara               4:34

Amazonia           5:01

Promenade         5:33

Orino                  4:41 

The HistriX project is based on the dialogue between different artistic languages: music, visual arts, poetry, literature and film.

Histrix composes music for art exhibitions, concerts, art and film installations.

Images, readings, short films or art exhibitions always accompany the live concerts of HistriX.