HistriX / Paolo Melandri: Nell’Anima, CD + Libro illustrato
HistriX / Paolo Melandri


30,00 €

HistriX / Paolo Melandri


A full color 48 pages album with 14 paintings, photos, texts and lyrics in Italian and English.

Size: 21 x 21 cm.


A CD with 14 songs.


Hard cover bind 23x23 cm.


Edition: 200 copies.










“Nell’Anima” is the first HistriX album based on lyrics by poets.

Fourteen original Reggiani’s paintings highlight the texts of the tracks.

The Album “Nell’Anima” was produced in 2011 in collaboration with Moby Dick Editions.

Now a2mani presents a new special limited edition with a new illustrated album and the English translations of the lyrics.

- Paolo Melandri’s writing, so classic and learned, may seem not very modern, but we must say that the musicality of his verses and the use of outmoded words have stimulated us in setting them to music in a very natural way.

The result has been a collection of songs free from the usual verse - refrain pattern. -



-(...) I would have never taken such a challenge if I hadn’t listened to a realization beyond my expectations. My poems are not specific texts for the music: simply poems written in total freedom. I’ve never asked myself whether they could be set to music, I’ve simply written about topics I really felt. Just looking at the result, a real miracle has taken place. A miracle behind which two poetic spirits have met: my competences together with Cesare’s and Paolo’s ones. Synergy is just a wonder when more working experiences meet together and produce an additional value.(...)


Paolo Melandri