Alessandra Bonoli + HistriX
Alessandra Bonoli + HistriX

Perimetro e Bilancia

90,00 €

Alessandra Bonoli + HistriX

Perimetro e Bilancia

A hard textile cover box,

containing four accordion

booklets with photos, drawings and musical notations.

8 pages each booklet.

Size: 12x17 cm. closed.


A CD with 4 soundtracks.


An original artwork on paper,

signed by the artist.


Box size: 30x40 cm.

Edition: 40 numbered and signed copies.


Texts in English or Italian.

- In 1978, while on a trip on the banks of Loch Ness, I thought of creating a music created from the basic spatial lines of that place, from those lines that determine the essential skeleton as part of the general panorama of a space. Sounds, whose roots are not born from emotional dynamics but from the movement of spatial rhythm itself. I then started a task that has accompanied me for 36 years, visiting 60 countries around the world with thousands of photographs to preserve conditions of time in unique moments. Choosing a photo for each country visited, I sought to trace sounds of the Earth, from among the endless possibilities, to obtain one overall encompassing sound-.


Alessandra Bonoli

When Alessandra Bonoli asked us to create the music for her “Perimetro e Bilancia” installation, he gave us a kind of musical pentagram full of graphic signs through which he sought to convey his inspiration using a purely graphic language. This was our starting point for the four musical compositions. Alessandra also gave us a series of words as a description of sensations, feelings and sounds.

Later we composed the four tracks focussing on the geographical locations of the work as an evocative and emotional soundtrack.