Franco Bertoni
Felice Giani / Cesare Reggiani


35,00 €

Bertoni - Giani - Reggiani


An illustrated album with 23 black and white drawings by Felice Giani and 45 full colour paintings by Cesare Reggiani.


Text by Franco Bertoni.


Size: 20x29 cm.

100 full colour pages.

Textile hard cover bind.

Language: English

Edition: 300 numbered copies.


Felice Giani and Cesare Reggiani. Two centuries of art and history divide them. These themes connect them, and it is the subject of this book of images, one subject: the landscape, along which the road from Faenza to Marradis snakes, and which then continues on to Florence and Tuscany. A stretch that both artists have sought to emphasise within the longest line that joins two seas: the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian. (...)

A painting walk undertaken by Cesare Reggiani in 2012 in the steps of the painter Felice Giani in 1786, through the hills and mountains of the Apennines towards Tuscany in the direction of Florence.

A journey of images through one of the scenic routes from the Northern to Central Italy.